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Our Power Control and Management solution
puts you in control!

We offer a scalable
solution to help you take control of remote sites
and data centers.
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T1 Internet service from $469/month.

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Welcome to Adge

Adge is an information and communications technology company that assists businesses in reaching their goals. We provide trusted advice, plans, technical solutions, product installations and a host of infrastructure management services. Adge is an agile company that emphasizes attention to revenue critical systems. We build high availability networks. We apply technology effectively and efficiently, and we commit to bringing you cost reductions and added value. The mission at Adge is to give you a competitive advantage.

Firmly committed to providing high quality service, Adge serves customers that range from venture-funded startups to large multinational companies. Our private and public sector clientele recognizes us as a preferred provider of service. We implement best practices and customized solutions. We meet expectations, and our customers credit us with helping them maximize their resources.

Adge customers are based in the fields of electronics, business services, manufacturing, finance, research, public utilities and government. In the international field, we serve companies from China and other East Asian countries that are establishing business operations in California. In all cases, Adge offers top level expertise in the application of both emerging and established technologies.

In recent years, our customer base has broadened significantly. We attribute this growth and success at Adge in part to our highly skilled and motivated professional staff, and in part to our extensive portfolio of partnerships. We consistently work with our business partners, from a cross section of industries, to maintain the best technology and market position for serving our customers. Through our partnerships we consistently strengthen our core competencies and our ability to move with the rapid changes of technology.

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