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Our prominent achievement
comes down to one critical factor - executing our well-formulated strategy. Adge firmly believes our ability to execute well-formulated strategy is more important than the strategy itself. Within the recent 12 to 18 months, we have effectively executed new strategies, created and focused on long-range planning, and realized positive returns. The results - improved customer and financial outcomes and all our business segments have shown promising growth.

About Adge

Tomorrow Adge services advantage over the competition will continue to widen due to our commitment on customer service. This is an indisputable key differentiator. The company achieved its position through an extra-ordinary focus to unparalleled excellence in customer service. We never underestimate the importance of customer expectations. For this reason, Adge is recognized as the preferred provider for many businesses ranging from government agencies to public powerhouse utilities to multinational companies in a wide range of industries and business sectors.

Adge specializes in designing and delivering high-impact solutions. We work extensively with local, national, and multinational companies implement Information Technology (IT) by providing technology consulting, infrastructure services, technical implementation, data and voice services, and product solutions.

Part of our growth and success at Adge
has been attributed to building a portfolio of strategic partnerships with businesses that add value to our solutions and support to our core competencies. We work with our partners and leading industry manufacturers to identify and facilitate synergies in product solutions, market, and technology areas. Through such synergies, we not only create a network of companies with complementary strengths, but also accelerate their paths to success.

Core Values
Adge has been guided by its founder's philosophy to give direction to its staff and long-term commitments to its business partners. These core values listed below are the lifeblood of Adge.

•  Help businesses future technology investments do more and cost less.

•  Help businesses stay competitive through high-impact proven solutions and emerging technologies.

•  Attract, retain, and invest in the best talents of highly motivated individuals.

•  Deliver the best and consistent world-class customer service to our customers.

•  We build wealth through profits and growth.

•  Promote strategic partnerships to add value and support to our core competencies.

•  Seek and derive satisfaction, enjoyment, and personal pride from contributing to the fulfillment of these missions.

Service Quality
Though technology drives our business, customers and alliance partners trust Adge because of our expertise level, breadth of IT Services, project management expertise, pricing methodology, and reference sites. Additional reasons why we are the recognized preferred Information Technology Consulting firm:

•  Quality service;

•  Quick access and response;

•  Superior Project Management;

•  Take ownership of a project from start to finish;

•  Ability to solve interoperability problems;

•  Experience dealing with migration problems;

•  Strong network systems management;

•  Willingness to work in teams with other vendors;

•  In-depth knowledge to develop information security measures;

•  Ability to develop proven contingency and backup plans.

News Room
Adge Corporation as a policy does not respond to or comment on any rumors or other unattributed or anonymous statements, whether true or false, relating to the Company or its operations that are posted on the Internet or are transmitted by third parties, through electronic mail, by any other form of electronic communication or otherwise.

All inquiries concerning corporate activities or operations should be directed to the Company's Public Relations department, at: PR@AdgeCorp.com .

Investor Information
Adge is a privately owned and self-funded corporation, and as such, our stock is currently not publicly traded.

Careers @ Adge
Our values make Adge a great company to work for. At the same time we have cultivated a reputation among our alliance partners for being a great company to work with.

We treat our people exceeding well. At Adge, many people could make more money elsewhere. But they appreciate working for a company with a commitment to innovation, responsiveness and quality.

Due to our corporate strategy and our commitment to continuously expand our business operations throughout the United States , we are looking for seasoned, high competence, confident, and enthusiastic professionals to fulfill the challenging positions as:

•  Senior Consultant , United States

•  Network Engineer , United States

•  Sales Associate , United States

We are an equal opportunity employer. All personal data collected will be used solely for selection purpose and handled by authorized personnel only.

Your application may be considered for other suitable positions within Adge Corporation. (Please indicate clearly on your application if you would not like to be considered for other suitable positions within Adge Corporation.)

We regret that only short listed candidates will be notified. Unsuccessful applications will be destroyed after the completion of the recruitment process.

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