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Information Security & Privacy

Network Security Assessment
Today's enterprise networks extend across the Internet to connect customers, partners, and remote users. They have evolved from a closed to an open environment. Thus security represents a serious threat greater than ever to many businesses. So where do you begin to tighten security? Adge is the answer to this and many other security challenges facing businesses.

Our Network Vulnerability Assessment helps businesses identify security gaps of their internal network components. The assessment will cover gateways, routers, switches, remote access servers, and firewalls. Our security risk assessments are based on the intruder's point-of-view by identifying validated security vulnerabilities and known penetration techniques.

When you engage us, we provide you with a summary of recommendations and detailed vulnerability reports as part of our deliverables. The set of reports provide businesses the insights and help pinpoint where to correct network vulnerability in order to protect the network against threats from insiders or outsiders.

Security Demo Lab
Seeing is beliving. We have build a state-of-the-art demo lab. For a live demonstration or consultation, contact your Adge Service Account Manager at

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