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Security Demo Lab
Seeing is beliving. We have build a state-of-the-art demo lab. For a live demonstration or consultation, contact your Adge Service Account Manager at

Connectivity Solutions

"Enjoy our proven solutions!"

Adge's connectivity solutions bring users together. Our access solutions are intended to attach users reliably and securely to central servers hosting business applications.

Our proven solutions are broken down into 5 areas:

AS/400 Connectivity
Our AS/400 Connectivity solution is the perfect way to extend traditional Twinax and modern LAN resources in an IP based network

Console Server
We offer a secure remote management solution to network servers and devices. Proven by many businesses, this is an indispensable tool to gain remote management access from anywhere and at anytime. Yes indeed. Anytime even when the network is down.

Print Server
Our Print Server solution is an easy to use and cost effective solution to integrate your printers into your Ethernet LAN. It supports a variety of operating systems and LAN protocols.

Serial/Terminal Server
The Serial / Terminal Server solution offers a reliable and secure way to connect your devices. Rack mount option is available.

RAS Solution
Our RAS solution helps businesses connect remote users to the main office, branch offices or small offices. Businesses recognize our RAS solution is their top choice.

For More Information

For more information about Adge Solutions or other Adge Service Offerings, contact your Adge Service Account Manager at

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