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Security Demo Lab
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DDoS Defender Solutions

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DoS (Denial of Service) attack is an event that reduces a network’s capacity to perform its expected function. DoS produces network and service failures and is a serious threat to revenue-critical businesses.

DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) takes DoS to a higher level. DDoS attacks are more brutal, overwhelming, and damaging than DoS attacks. Evidently in February 2000, a series of overwhelming DoS attacks incapacitated several highly regarded Internet e-commerce sites. Since then, in less than 12 months, a major software company was impacted by a similar attack.

Our recommended solution is a true front line of security. It is undetectable on a network and yet it guards and detects against DoS and DDoS attacks. This solution increases the effectiveness of firewalls and IDS. It is cost-effective since it supports zero administration, requires no pattern download or security updates. Hence it helps businesses improve availability, bandwidth, speed, and minimizes service disruptions while eliminating the need for high cost of ownership.

Additional capabilities and offerings such as Pentest defense and high-availiability are also available.

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